Return Policy

Process of returning products

It is of importance to return your product within seven days. Within this period, no costs are incurred. It may take multiple working days (which may total more than 14 working days) before all has been taken care of. In order to complete the returning process as effectively as possible, the following is of importance:

  • Write down your name, address and order number on your purchase ticket.
  • Enclose your purchase ticket within the to-be-returned package.
  • Provide a reason why you want to return the package.

If you would like to return your package in person, we request you to first contact us on our service number.

Please note!

It is not possible to return every product of Hoodie Bedrukken; this depends on your order. This applies to products that have been customised to your needs. For instance, if you have made use of our custom textile printing service, then it is not possible to return your product. Regardless of whether the clothing is printed or non-printed, you must pay the returning fee yourself. In the case printed clothing is of unsatisfactory quality, you can contact our service number in order to discuss alternative options. In this way, you will be assisted to the best of our capabilities.

Returning under special conditions

For returning products, a viewing term of seven days applies. The start of the viewing term begins when the product is delivered by Hoodie Bedrukken. From the onset of the viewing term you have seven days to determine whether you would like to return the product.

In the case that you would like to return the product after these seven days, you are outside the viewing term. In some cases, despite this fact, is is nonetheless possible to return your product; please consider the page ‘Guarantees’ for more information.

Refunding term of the purchase

You will get the amount of your purchase refunded on your account. The refunding term is minimally 14 days to maximally 30 dats. It is of importance that the process of returning has been completed before you may obtain your incurred costs. If you have still not obtained the amount of your purchase after 30 days, then we request you to contact our service number.